New KNX LED Switch Mechanisms – ‘colour your world’

iAutomation’s stylish new range of LED switch mechanisms come in a choice of white or black, and conveniently fit into a standard Australian switch plate. Each mechanism has an LED indicator, adjustable through the complete colour spectrum via RGB.



The master/slave switch mechanisms support many kinds of data points and functions including switch control, dimming, shutter control, flexible control, scene control, sequence control, percentage control, threshold control, combination control, string (14 bytes) controller.

Download Datasheet

BLACK | Master & Slave Switch Mechanisms
Order codes: M/AMP.2 (Master)  M/ASP.2 (Slave)
Part No.: Black master – 50133  Black slave – 50134




WHITE | Master & Slave Switch Mechanisms
Order codes:  M/AMP.1 (Master)  M/ASP.1 (Slave)
Part No.: White master – 50119  White slave – 50120


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