KNX Systems Provider Products

Switches (AUS) Range

KNX Switch controls -- The new Colour LED switches

Multipurpose Sensor Range

HDL KNX Multipurpose Sensor, surface mount

HVAC Controller Range

HDL KNX HVAC Controller 5CH 10A Relay, 2CH 0-10V Outputs, Temperature Input

KNX Sensors Range

BEG KNX RC-Plus Next 230 White,BEG KNX PD11-FC, recessed,BEG KNX PD2-FC, recessed

Blind Controller Range

BEG KNX SBA-4C-24V Shutter Actuator, 4-fold, 24 V DC, 8A MDRC

Accessory Range

Blind Controller Range

10A relay for switching forward/reverse running control or stop on every output channel and can also manually switch.

Dimming Range

The Dimmer Actuators can dimming for 1,2,4 and 6 channels independent loads.

Dry Contact Input Range

With Dry contact input and Temperature sensor input.0-10V dimmer to control 0-10V devices, like LED lights. Led driver (0-2V) on output for status of each input.

IR Emitter Range

This device is designed for professional KNX installation only and will only operate in basic modes unless programmed via a computer. If programming is required, contact your local agent for details.

Relay Modules Range

The switch Actuators can switch for 4, 8 and 12 channels independent AC/DC loads. The outputs for MAX 10 A be switched ON or OFF on every output channel, also can manually switch.

Switches (KR) Range

HDL KNX / EIB multifunction Panel controller are in full compliance with European safety standards and the KNX association protocol. The panels have PC keys with moderate intensity and background lights. KNX Smart 2, 4 , 8 Buttons wall switch Panel.

Switches (US) Range

HDL KNX / EIB M/P01.2,M/P02.2,M/P03.2,M/P04.2, multifunction Panel controller include many kind of data point, can be used for many applications like lighting dimming, switch, curtain etc..